Menu Two

Appetizer List for Menu Two

Beef Flank stuffed with Trio
Mushrooms and Sun Dried Tomatoes:
Seared beef roulade with trio mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes served with reduction

Seasoned tomatoes, capers, and red onions tossed with olive oil served on a crostini

Wild Mushroom:
A mixture of mushroom with garlic and fresh herbs served with gorgonzola cheese on a pita crisp

Poached Pear Gorgonzola on Pita Crisp
Sliced pear poached in a cinnamon, red wine reduction served with gorgonzola cheese on a pita crisp

Shrimp Salad Deviled Eggs with Dill Cream
Traditional deviled eggs with a twist. A mixture of shrimp, celery, red onions topped with a light dollop of dill cream

Stuffed Strawberries with Brousin Cheese
Fresh Strawberries filled with a light and fluffy brousin cheese mixture served with a sprig of mint

Mini Crabs Corn Cakes with Citrus Aioli
Crab meat with a mixture of roasted corn, ligtly breaded served with refreshing aioli

Beef Saté
Season beef with sweet oyster garlic sauce

Fried Ravioli with Rosa Sauce
Fried ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese with creamy Rosa sauce

Chicken Saté
Seasoned chicken strips with creamy Asian peanut sauce

Mini Quiche
An assortment of flaky creamy quiche

Peppered Crusted Beef on Garlic Crostini
Marinated beef tenderlions encrusted with black peppercorn served on golden brown crostini

Prosciutto wraps Asparagus with Sun Dried Tomato Hollandaise
Fresh seasonedd asparagus wrapped with thinly sliced prossciutto, served with a hollandaise with a hint of sun dried tomato

Smoked Salmon Finger Sandwiches
Smoked salmon mixed into mousseline spread, served on wheat and rye bread with a wassabi soy cream cheese mixture

An assortment of meats, vegetables, and cheese

Menu Two – Southern love:

bbq ribs
bbq chicken
baked mac n cheese
corn bread
baked beans
sweet corn on cobb
cole slaw
pulled beef
deep fried turkey
sweet potato mash
fried chicken
tilapia w/ saute onions & green peppers

sweet tea
assorted soda

Compound salad:
fire roasted potato salad w/ caramelized onion vin.
seafood pasta salad w/ citrus vin.
tomato mozz. salad w/ basil vin.
wild corn and black bean salad w/ cumin & cilantro vin.
anti pasta salad

cold meat
crudite ( onion artichoke dip)